Monday, October 10, 2011




Act,aku dah lama sngt2 x tulis blog ni.Sepanjang cuti di Malaysia aku banyak buat benda2 lain berbanding menghadap HP Pavilion ni..

Dan aku dah lama niat nak post tajuk ni.So,Alhamdulillah Allah beri izin ntuk aku post article ni.

Its about my eldest brother.He has finished his medical degree..YAHOO!and hope next that will be me also..

He studied in RSMU (Russian State Medical University).And he got many stories in his mind after 7 years studied there.Im really proud with him.Not because of he will be a doctor but because of his knowledge.He knows medic,history,bussiness,geog bla bla...

Im not said that he's perfect but clearly he really has wide knowledge.Maybe he likes reading.Im trying to be like that also.

And I hope that he will be a good muslim doctor.Not just heal the pain but heal the heart and soul of the patient.



So,the moral of this story..

Degree is nothing without knowledge.
To be a doctor is really honor,BUT a doctor that work in the name of Allah honor + brilliant.
Practice English always :D

How my english?i think its terrible..i think last writing english essay when i took SPM..hehe